A better way to enjoy premium Swiss chocolate, responsibly and ethically.


What makes us different.

swiss chocolate know- how

climate -neutral production

innovative cacao agroforestry systems

direct sourcing

100% committed to our climate

reforestation project


fair trade practises

We embrace sustainability

We take consistent responsibility, all the way from cultivation to consumption. As a trustworthy sustainability pioneer, we are committed to innovative projects in countries of origin and we maintain regular contact with producers, suppliers and partners.

Our sourcing and supply chain management.


we rely direct sourcing as well as the use of resource-effcient packaging and transport routes.


we are committed to fair competitive price. the price must be right for end consumers as well as local product.


we always keep our promised delivery capacity.

high quality

we source raw materials and packaging of the best possible quality.


we bring innovative form suppliers to customers and review existing supply chains to develop solutions that are agle and pioneering.

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